HobbyCNC driver board assembly

Electronics are progressing along and I gather some good footage for the instructional video that will accompany this build (albeit most likely following the build or at least lagging the progress here).

Nothing too alarming here other that if you open up the ‘kit’ for HobbyCNC and see that it truly is a kit… that might be a little alarming. There is a fair amount of soldering involved and so it would be advantageous to have a good soldering iron or station. Component placement is very straight forward. The only suggestion I had for the instructions was to better describe the placement of the three jumper headers. It talked about J1, J2, J3 & J4 but each header block is a set of those four jumpers and there is one block for each of the axis of the kit. Pretty straight forward but could provide a point of confusion.

I didn’t receive my transformer yet so I hooked up a 12VDC power supply temporarily to verify the wiring was correct as stated in the instructions. I measured 5.01V at the test point which is right on the money (acceptable range for the drivers was 5.0 to 5.2).

I’ll start with the preparation of the metal pieces for the gantry next…

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