Cheese Embosser Project

I was going to just cut some circles in scrap HDPE to make followers for my cheese press. The followers are used on top of the cheese in the mold while the cheese is pressed. Usually the last pressing is for several hours and then you remove the cheese to age. While I was learning the CAD/CAM software, I thought I might as well up my game a little and make it interesting. So I put a ‘J’ on top of the follower in reverse so it shows up on the finished cheese roughly 1/16″ deep in the surface. Here are some pictures of the finished product. I might have to do a little surface cleaning prior to using. For the mill I used an off the shelf Dremel 1/8″ router bit. This tooling doesn’t make for the prettiest of surfaces but it definitely gets the job done.

DIYLILCNC embosser made for pressing cheese.

DIYLILCNC embosser made for pressing cheese - Profile view

Here are a couple of videos of the cutting process.

DIYLILCNC working its magic doing the horizontal roughing.

Final Profiling and cutting out the circle from the stock.

Now just to clean it up and get some cheese made!

It’s Alive… and long overdue!

Well after a very long (almost one year) hiatus my build is complete. I apologize for having big intentions but not following through very well. Well over the past couple of nights I decided that I needed to just get after it and get it done. There really wasn’t much left, however I was trying to video every step along the way. In between work and family, the video part just became too daunting and kept putting off the build because I had to wait for the video equipment to be available and it was when I wasn’t, etc.

I do plan to go back and add a little post-build commentary on the design and construction and hopefully provide some useful knowledge for those attempting the build. However, with V2 on the horizon, it may or may not be as useful as it was once thought! 🙂

Here is a quick video of the DIYLILCNC in action. I quickly and crudely affixed a Sharpie to the z-cart and loaded the spiral example from the EMC2 samples and let it run…. well not quite that easily. I did have some learning curve to the homing of axis and just giving a quick crash course in CNC in general. Here is the first CNC to be performed! I don’t know about you but I was quite excited about it coming together!

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